Top Fitness Inspiration Youtubers

Everybody need motivation to go trough hard day, check the most motivation youtube channels

5.3m subscribers

FitnessBlender is the number one most subscribed YouTube fitness channel and it is clear to see why. With over 5.3 million subscribers, Daniel and Kelli, a husband and wife duo, provide over 500 free workout videos ranging in difficulty and experience. FitnessBlender brings upbeat content to motivate people from all skill levels and get active on the internet!

2.Tone It Up

This channel was created by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott and features hundreds of videos that cover everything from health tips and recipes to how-tos and specific workouts. You can learn how to work your whole body as well as specific areas like arms, abs, lower body, and more. This channel also offers HIIT, also known as high-intensity interval training workouts, for those who want a more rigorous workout from home. 

3.Nikki Blackketter

My favorite YouTuber. Funny, intelligent, real, well-spoken, creative and committed. Her content is always interesting and her uploads are consistent. Her smile when she greets subscribers with “Good morning sunshine!” will make you smile. She’s always engaging with her followers on YouTube and Twitter. Nikki’s YouTube channel with 595,226 subscribers is not all she’s got. She is a Gym Shark ambassador., launching her own line with the company which was sold out quickly. Besides fitness, Nikki is a nerd and a cat-mom. One of Nikki’s pet peeves? Being late. What she loves the most besides her cat, Max? Christmas.

2.8m subscribers

BeFiT comes in at number 2 with their high intensity and specific workouts. From abs to general fitness, BeFiT guides 2.8 million subscribers to a healthier lifestyle right from their home. BeFiT is a multi-member channel which allows them to have professional workouts in almost all exercises. BeFiT asks, “Are you ready to be FiT?” Well, are you?

5.Pop Sugar Fitness

One of the more popular channels is Pop Sugar Fitness. This channel offers full-length exercises that include everything from Pilates and Yoga to Tabata, cardio, and strength training. Hosted by trainer Anna Renderer, this channel promotes healthy living and stress-free lifestyles for optimal results. 

6.Whitney Simmons

By following one of Whitney’s workout routines. you will, for a fact, be sore the next day. Her favorite color is Blue. And do we have to talk about her dog Navy? She says the gym has helped her get over a really bad period in her life when she was in college. “This led me to a very downward spiral of sadness”, she explains on her channel. It was her dad that encouraged her to go to a gym which had personal training classes and she did. “This became so much more than a physical workout, it became an escape for me. This is the place I went to for my mental health…I consider the gym my therapy…it truly saved me”.

7.Scott Herman Fitness

Scott Herman’s fitness channel is focused on intense strength training and muscle gains. With 2 million subscribers, ScottHermanFitness is the number four most subscribed fitness YouTube channel. Scott focuses on fixing form for weightlifting and other weight lifting tips to maximize your workout. With his intense attitude and chiseled physique, Scott is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world.

8.Live Sonima

This channel is perfect for those who love or want to get into Yoga exclusively. There are Yoga classes, breathing exercises, and meditation sessions. This channel also offers categories such as yoga for expectant mothers, workouts for people who work on their feet all day long, warm-up stretches for athletes, and much more. 

9.Robin Gallant

Robin’s videos are full of valuable fitness information. She has a killer fashion sense. Recently, Robin adopted a kitty named Maple. The Canadian beauty graduated from Dalhousie University with Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Engineering. However, Robin’s journey wasn’t an easy one. In her 4th year of university, the pressure to succeed was too much to bear. “I broke. I barely slept, I barely ate, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t read/study, I couldn’t write a test without a debilitating panic attack…This was when I found fitness…I allowed myself to take time off school and learn how to eat healthily and get active to help manage my mental health”, said Robin in a moving Instagram post.

10.Kali Muscle
1.8m subscribers

Kali Muscle is a vigorous fitness channel for bodybuilding. An ex-convict from Compton, Kali Muscle fought his way back to success through fitness. He shares his experience, how he trained his mind and body, and the steps you should take to pursue massive muscle gains. His motivation and passion for weightlifting bring him in 1.8 million subscribers and its clear to see why!

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