Top 10 Outdoors Exercises (No Gym Needed)

1.Park Bench Push-Up Trio

Targets chest and shoulders

In this exercise, you’ll do three kinds of push-ups using a park bench. First, put your feet on the park bench and your hands on the ground, belly down. Do 10 push-ups this way. Then switch and put your feet on the ground and your arms on the bench. Do 10 more this way. End with 10 regular push-ups completely on the ground.

2. Swing Pike + Knee Tuck

Swings are a great alternative for suspension training. This move is one of our favorites to target your abdominals and upper body. The trick is to press the top of your feet into the swing seat to help lift your hips in the air.

  1. Start by placing the top of your feet in the swing seat and your hands on the ground shoulder width apart in a straight arm plank position.
  2. Lift your hips up into the air to form an upside down V (also known as a “pike”).
  3. Contract your abdominals and bring your knees to your chest while maintaining a flat back.
  4. Extend your legs straight back to a pike position. Lower your body back to a straight arm plank position for 1 rep. Repeat this core exercise 10x.

3.Bench Hops

Targets glutes and quads

Sit on the edge of a bench. Throwing your arms up as you go, jump in the air as high as you can, and then go back to being seated. Do this for 60 seconds. MAKE IT HARDER:Lift leg straight in front of you a few inches off ground and bend right knee to sit down briefly on bench. Do as many as you can for 60 seconds, then switch legs.

4. One Legged Bench Lunges

Bench lunges are a great way to isolate one leg and target your quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes.

  1. Start by standing in front of a bench or picnic table. Make sure it’s not too high otherwise you will put too much pressure on your lower back.
  2. Step your right leg back and place the top of your foot on the bench with your hands on your hips for balance.
  3. Bend your knees and lower into a lunge. Make sure your front knee is in line with your ankle for optimal alignment.
  4. Extend your legs straight for 1 rep. Repeat 10x on one side and switch sides.

5.Karaoke Shuffle

Targets butt, calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes

Find a large hill located on grass. At the bottom of the hill going up, start running to the right, putting your right leg far right, and then following up with your left leg, planting it behind your right leg in a grapevine movement. Put your right leg out to the right again, this time following up with your left leg planting in front of your right leg. Continue alternating, increasing your pace and swinging your hips as you go. After 30 seconds of going uphill, turn around and go back, leading with the left leg.

6. Reverse Tricep Bench Dips

We spend time in every class at MOD Fitness toning arms. We like to target the triceps because it’s the largest muscle group in your upper arm and one of the first places we start to see a change in our clients. This is a great exercise to do anywhere — on the edge of your bed, a bench or even on the ground.

7.Leapfrog Burpee

Targets chest, abs, quads, and calves

Choose a destination point in the distance. Imagine that you have a leapfrog partner, and crouch down, springing from your legs to leap over your partner. Once you land, plant your hands on the ground in front of you and kick your legs back to land in plank position. Then thrust your legs back to your hands so you’re in crouch position, leaping across your partner again to complete one rep. Do as many as you can in 60 seconds. MAKE IT HARDER: Use a partner to leap frog over.

8. Lateral Jumps with Jump Rope

Jumping rope is a great way to boost your heart rate for an added dose of cardio in your workout routine. Adding the lateral jumps will help improve your ankle and foot stability.

9.Sandbox Shuffle

Targets butt, abs, and arms

On a playground, get in the middle of a sandbox. Assume a squat position and staying low, shuffle from left to right maintaining the same depth and posture the entire time. Hold your arms out perpendicular to your body for balance and to tone your arms. The slower you go, the more intense the isometric contractions will be — which may cause some shaky legs! Shuffle for 60 seconds, going back and forth in the sandbox as needed.

10. Bench Jumps

Find a bench that can be used as an alternative for box jumps. Make sure it’s not too high so you can successfully clear it. This will target your legs, glutes and calves in this exercise.

  1. Stand in front of a bench or picnic table. Start with your feet slightly outside your hips in a squat position and arms shoulder height.
  2. Jump up on the bench by accelerating from your lower body. Land in a deep squat position. Your back should be flat and hamstrings parallel to the ground.
  3. Extend your legs straight to a standing position with your shoulders, hips and feet in alignment. Press your arms down by your hips to complete 1 rep. Slowly step down from the bench and repeat 10x.

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Top 10 Hardcore Workout Songs ( Motivation ) With Video

  1. Day of the Dead – Hollywood Undead

Day of the Dead is the first single from the band’s fourth album, Day of the Dead. The music video for the song was released on March 17th, 2015.
It was directed by Spence Nicholson. It features the band appearing as musical guests on a satirical version of a for-profit televangelism show.

2.Skan & Krale – No glory

3.Who Taught You How to Hate – Disturbed

On the 21st of August, 2015, nu-metal band Disturbed released Immortalized, ending a 4-year hiatus since the release of The Lost Children.“Who Taught You How To Hate” is the 13th and final track on the standard version of the album.As the title would suggest, this song questions irrational hate towards others, generally due to a lack of understanding or a cultural stereotype.

4.Love The Way You Hate Me – Like A Storm

Love The Way You Hate Me is the second track on Like A Storms’ album “Awaken The Fire”

5.Do You Really Want It? – Nothing More

This song is the start of an album that (I feel) can be applied to relationships. If you look at the song names and you listen to the music, it’ll strike you like a stone.

6.Fivefold – Darker Side Of Me

7.Courtesy Call – Thousand Foot Krutch

8.Not Gonna Die – Skillet

This song is, according to John Cooper, one of the more natural songs for the Skillet fanbase. It has similarities to one of their most notable hits, “Comatose”; however, the song’s message presents a reminder that there is a persistent hope to life

9.Murder Melody – Cult to follow

10.Stronger – Through Fire

“Stronger” was originally released as a demo on Through Fire’s Riot 10 EP when they were named Emphatic. This re-recording is the lead single of Through Fire’s album, Breathe. The song is about breaking free from somebody who you believe you have become stronger than.

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Top 10 Best High-Calorie Healthy Foods


402 Calories/100g; 455 Calories/Cup; 68 Calories/Tablespoon

Cheese is a calorie-rich milk product that is a staple for years all over the world in different forms. Cheddar, cream cheese, feta, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, and cottage cheese are all loaded with protein and calcium that will help you gain muscle mass and strengthen the bones

2. Salmon

Salmon is a good source of lean proteins, omega 3 fatty acids and other vital nutrients. However, it is very high in terms of calories as well. One fillet may contain as many as 400 calories. Therefore, you need to keep your portions in check. Or, you can avoid other foods while relishing the many benefits of this healthy fillet.

3.Peanut Butter

We have a love-hate relationship with peanut butter. We love the taste and its proven ability to help build muscle, burn fat, and even fight heart disease, but we hate that those benefits only apply when you enjoy the creamy spread in moderation. In other words, spooning it straight out of the jar (multiple times a day) is not a good idea. Why not? Consider this: two large spoonfuls can pack almost as many calories and fat as a Snickers bar! At around 100 calories per tablespoon (about the same as regular butter), your best bet is to enjoy peanut butter sparingly in recipes like these (and then put away the jar!).

4.Coconut milk

Coconut milk has the ability to boost your metabolism and induce weight loss. However, this only happens when you consume it in limited quantities. This drink is very high in terms of calories. One cup of coconut milk contains 552 calories. Therefore, you must be mindful of the variety you choose for yourself and consume it in limited quantities.


200 Calories/100g; 89 Calories/Cup; 25 Calories/1 oz

Bananas are loaded with dietary fiber, potassium, protein, vitamins A, C, and folate, and healthy fats (7). Consuming 1-2 bananas per day will keep your energy levels up, improve your stamina, and make your bones strong. You can have a banana, a cup of milk, and a few nuts for a power-packed breakfast or just make a smoothie with the same ingredients and consume it before working out.


While we love quinoa as a tasty and versatile protein source, many dieters mistakenly believe it’s a muchlower-calorie alternative to rice. In reality, one cup of cooked quinoa has 222 calories, putting it on par with brown rice (which has around 218 calories per cup). Enjoy it in your favorite healthy dish, just be sure to portion it out like you would rice or pasta (1/2 cup or about the size of your fist).


Raisins are healthy, undoubtedly. And another thing that there’s no doubt about is the calorie content of raisins. One and half ounces of raisins contain 129 calories, yet, they’re that high in terms of calorie content.


One and half ounces of raisins contain 129 calories


160 Calories/100g; 234 Calories/Cup; 156 Calories/ ½ avocado

This buttery and soothing green fruit is everyone’s favorite. If you want to gain weight – consume avocado. If you want to lose weight, consume avocado! Avocados are rich in healthy fats, vitamins K, E, A, C, and B6, magnesium, potassium, and sodium (9). Consuming one avocado per day can help strengthen your immunity, improve your energy levels, and make your skin glow, which comes with proper nutrition and good food habits.

9.Ground Beef

Depending on what kind you choose, plain, unprepared ground beef can contain 350 calories and 28 grams of fat (or more) per small 4-ounce serving. Aim to purchase 93-percent lean or higher to save on excess calories and fat without skimping on flavor in your favorite recipe.


Tahini, also known as sesame butter gives you 89 calories in just one tablespoon. While it is a rich source of healthy fats, vitamin B and calcium, the calorie content of this food may make you want to check your portions. It is quite easy to fill up on this food due to its nutritional value but doing this can have a negative effect on your BMI. Two tablespoons of Tahini at a time should be sufficient.

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While Sasha Fierce has recently devoted herself, and her social media, to a vegan lifestyle, Beyoncé is also famous for completing the Master Cleanse, an all-liquid diet of cayenne lemon water, to prepare for her role in the 2006 film Dreamgirls. During that time, Beyoncé allowed herself a cheat day to indulge in pizza and wine. 

2. Kim Kardashian Atkins 

Wondering how Kim Kardashian shed her post-baby weight so quickly? Calling it the “greatest challenge” of her life, Kim lost around 25 kilos in 11 months leading up to her wedding. Featuring a diet that mainly consists of protein rich foods high in healthy fats like avocado and nuts, as well as eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables, and cheese, while eliminating the intake of carbs.

It is also advised for dieters to stop counting calories – instead ensuring you consume three regular sized meals and two snacks every day. 

Kardashian also enlisted the help of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson to keep her exercise in check and reportedly had a chef accompany her on tour with Kanye West in order to keep her meals carb-free.

3. Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock – THE ZONE DIET

WHAT IT IS: Developed by former scientist Dr. Barry Sears, The Zone Diet involves getting 40 percent of your daily total caloric intake from carbohydrates, 30 percent from carbs and 30 percent from fats. According to Sears, balancing the correct amount of amino acids with carbs helps control the appetite to prevent over-eating (which leads to weight gain). Followers eat three portion-controlled meals and two snacks a day, preventing you from getting too hungry – or cranky. Hollywood hottie Jennifer Aniston was such a big fan, some have even called it the “Jennifer Aniston Diet.”

4.Marilyn Monroe

Eggnog for breakfast? Miss Marilyn Monroe herself would start her day with two raw eggs whipped in warm milk. Opting to skip lunch, the pop culture icon would then consume broiled liver, steak, or lamb and five carrots for dinner, finished with a decadent hot-fudge sundae dessert. 

5. Victoria BeckhamAlkaline Diet 

ex-Spice Girl, fashion designer and mother of four Victoria Beckham cites the alkaline diet as her method of maintaining her incredibly svelte figure. The diet tries to keep the body’s pH level between 7.35 and 7.45 by ultimately aiming the dieter to eat 80% alkaline (fruits, vegetables, nuts and legumes – fennel, broccoli, grapefruit and kale are considered the most alkaline) and 20% acidic (wheat and dairy products, coffee, sugar, meat, fish and alcohol) foods. 

Reportedly Beckham’s daily diet includes grilled fish, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, yellow fin tuna, sushi salad, and blueberry smoothies, which effectively controls aging due to their high omega 3 content. Those who keep an alkaline diet boast increased energy levels, improved memory, as well as the prevention of cancer and heart disease.

6. Sofia Vergara, Ricki Lake, Lauren Conrad, Jennifer Lopez, Julie Benz -FRESHOLOGY

WHAT IT IS:Freshology provides calorie-controlled, low-carb, high-protein, all-natural gourmet meals (prepared by a five-star chef, ooh la la) delivered straight to your front door. Said to be the “Diet Plan of Choice for the Dancing with the Stars Celebrities,” meal plans start at $48 a day.

“The food is good and I don’t have to think about it!” says sultry star Sofia Vergara. But the best part? You’ll even get dessert.

7.Kate Middleton – The Dukan Diet

Kate Middleton took a cue from the French and slimmed down for the Royal Wedding with The Dukan Diet. After an initial kick start of straight protein and vegetables, the regimen is broken into three phases that get less strict week by week, with variations depending on how many pounds you’re trying to shed.

8. Angelina JolieThe Ancient Grains Diet 

To keep her energy levels up, Angelina Jolie makes sure she regularly snacks on and adds ancient grains such as quinoa, chia seeds, millet, spelt and buckwheat to her diet. The humanitarian and film star claims provide her with nutrients she can’t find anywhere else, plus boasts glowing, radiant skin and shining, healthier hair to prove it.

9. Kim Cattrall, Nicole Kidman, Oprah, Eva Mendes, Bill Clinton – THE SOUTH BEACH DIET

WHAT IT IS: According to their website, The South Beach Diet is “a food-lover’s diet”. Divided into three phases (the first two are the most strict), the program is said to eliminate cravings, kick start weight loss and maintain for life. While there’s no counting calories or strict portion sizes, followers must say goodbye to bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, baked goods, and fruit – at least for the first two weeks. Relatively simple in principle, it replaces “bad carbs” and “bad fats” with “good carbs” and “good fats.”

10.Lady Gaga – Baby food diet

Did Lady Gaga purée her pounds away? The singer is rumored to have tried Tracy Anderson’s baby food diet, a plan that replaces your first two meals of the day with Gerber’s baby food, followed by a health-conscious dinner. While she has yet to fess up, other celebs have also been linked to the diet, including Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow

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Top Fitness Trends For 2019

1.Exercising at home

Working out is no longer solely resigned to hitting the gym. Tom Holland, MS, an exercise physiologist from Connecticut,said home workouts will continue to be popular in the new year. Many Americans are creating home gyms, or using streaming technology to exercise under their own roofs.

“Getting started doesn’t require a large amount of space or investment,” Holland said.


Mentioned at the top of the ACSM’s 2018 trends survey, we expect HIIT (high-intensity interval training) to stick around in 2019. The results are undeniable, and especially for working professionals short on time, there’s no better way to get a complete, gym-free workout than with some intense circuits.

Head outside, do it in the living room, or take a class at your local studio – HIIT is all about movement and workout efficiency.


When it comes to what workout trend more of us will be trying, that will be boxing, according to Jawaid. Combat sports in general are becoming more of a part in mainstream culture in part due to rising popularity of mixed martial arts, or MMA.

“Boxing workouts are a great way of getting an intense workout but also feeling like a fighter,” Jawaid told Healthline. “I think people feel a sense of empowerment when they emulate certain movements of fighters.”

Second to boxing is spinning, Jawaid said. The controlled aspect of pedaling typically means less injuries than other recent trends such as CrossFit.


According to the ACSM, group training (more than five people) will be the second most popular fitness trend in 2019. For good reason, too — these classes are social, highly motivational and provide instruction for people who need structure in their daily workouts. Group classes cover a wide range of disciplines, including spin, dance, aquatics and cardio-based classes, and are available anywhere from private studios to public facilities to mainstream gyms.

5.Smart training

Having a fitness wristband to track calories and steps is one thing, but workouts will get even smarter in 2019, says Von Collins, an ACE-certified professional with Complete Tri, said that smart treadmills and other fitness equipment that features streaming apps is quite a game changer.

Smart training lets you, for example, ride a bike while seeing the course on a tablet. The bike changes to reflect hills or other obstacles, plus many smart training platforms let you compete with other users. You can do workouts, time trials, or even go for rides with friends who might live miles away.

“Up until now, the technology to stream workouts at home in a fully integrated way has been best described as clunky,” Collins said. “It is becoming much more streamlined, much more plug-and-play, which opens the entire market up beyond the hardcore junkies and to the masses.”


Step aside elliptical — in the past few months we’ve seen many fitness classes and training plans getting back to basics. We’re talking about the treadmill, the machine that’s been around seemingly forever.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, and with the rise of popular and effective treadmill programs, we anticipate this machine will be a staple in many training plans in 2019. Just don’t forget your running and multisport watchto monitor your efforts!

7.Fitness studios — not gyms

For those who do like going to a gym, the big box facility may still be the perfect fit.

But expect them to offer more classes than you’ll see in fitness studios, says Eric Casaburi, founder and chief executive officer of Retro Fitness.

While gyms aren’t going anywhere, the shift toward boutique fitness studios and classes will dominate 2019.

The 2017 IHRSA Health Club Consumer Report found that 18 million Americans belonged to a studio, which was up 15 percent compared to 2015.

Still, 32 million Americans held membership in traditional commercial health clubs and gyms, which is down from 2015.


While there’s no doubt the classic form of yoga will always reign supreme, the variations on this ancient practice are injecting new life into a sometimes stale routine. 2019 will continue to see more outdoor yoga classes, yoga retreats, standup paddleboard (SUP) yoga, goat yoga (yes, we said goat yoga), etc. We can’t wait to see what yoga variations the new year will bring.

9.Being fit is trending, overall

Other trends to watch out for in 2019, according to the annual American College of Sports Medicine predictions report, include more personal training, fitness programs for older adults, and the continuation of yoga as a popular fitness trend.

Their top trend for the year is wearable technology, which debuted on the list in 2016, stayed there in 2017 and dropped to third place last year. The ACSM says group training and HIIT will be the second and third biggest trends in 2019.


Here at Polar, we’re officially rebranding “Netflix and chill” as “Stream and workout” in 2019. Many big-name fitness brands are creating subscription-based virtual streaming services designed to replicate a guided group session in the comfort and convenience of your home.

For example, Les Mills On Demand offers access to over 600 online workouts, YogaWorks has created an on-demand library of over 1,000 guided yoga classes, and brands like Peloton offer a live, interactive platform to work out with others in real time. Think of these as a modern-day Richard Simmons VHS tape — minus the neon spandex and electronic music.

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Well that is going to be fun, everybody sometimes use some of these excuses even me. Oppsss. Check the list.

1.I’m Too Tired

“Unless you’re incredibly sleep deprived or jet-lagged, there’s no reason not to exercise when you’re tired,” says Sachs. In fact, working out will rev you up. Robert E. Thayer, Ph.D., and his colleagues at California State University, Long Beach, found that just 10 minutes of brisk walking can give you up to two hours of increased energy. If possible, work out in the morning. A.M. exercisers are better at sticking to a fitness regimen, say researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. If early evening is the only time you have, try drinking a cup of coffee beforehand. The caffeine jolt will get you to the also improve your workout performance.

2. “I don’t have a break from the kids.”

If you have a newborn, stroller-cizing (using your stroller as a crafty piece of exercise equipment) can be a great way to sneak in a workout. Babysitting older kids? Try teaming up with them for a workout at home. Pop in a DVD—many of Hoebel’s clients use his exercise DVDs to get in some quality family fitness time.

3.“The weather is terrible.”

We know, some days it is too hot, too cold, too rainy, too snowy, or too windy to do much of anything. That’s why you need a back up plan. For those days when heading outdoors is impossible and/or travel is unsafe, clear yourself some space in the living room, grab some weight and do a short body weight routine. Being stuck indoors is not a good reason for not moving.

4.I’m too busy

Many people don’t exercise because they feel weighed down with work, but a good sweat session will make you more productive on the job. You’ll have less stress, a clearer head and a better perspective. “You can actually get more work done after your workout than before,” says Mark Anshel, Ph.D., a performance counselor with LGE Performance Systems, a corporate training center in Orlando, Florida.

A recent study at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign suggested that people who thought they were too busy to exercise really did have the time but chose not to make it a priority. Figure out how to incorporate physical activity into your workday. Try exercising at lunchtime, when many of us can steal away without missing too many calls or meetings.

5. “I had a bit too much fun last night.”

It may sound counterintuitive, but after a big night out, a good sweat session could be just what the hangover doctor ordered. You should probably avoid intense workouts (just say no to HIIT for now) and stick with gentler techniques that still break a sweat. And don’t forget to hydrate with plenty of water and electrolytes.

6.The gym is too expensive.”

You don’t need a gym membership to keep yourself in shape. Any space, indoors and out, can be used as a workout space! We strongly believe in, and support, the home workout movement. With Home workout, you can find all of our workout programs in one place, any time you want them. Whether you are looking for a 21 day bootcamp or a shorter challenge,
Home workout has it. It is like having a personal trainer right there in your own home! No excuses when you can stream a killer workout, at home.

7. I’ll never look like Jennifer Lopez, so why bother?

“Comparing yourself with others is unrealistic and often leads to feelings of frustration, which can sabotage your workouts,” says Richard Van Haveren, Ph.D., a sport psychologist at Georgia State University in Atlanta. Instead, set challenging but attainable goals, then focus on how you’re going to achieve them, for example, by running two miles a day three days a week. “In this case, running is something specific that you know you can do, whereas looking like a certain celebrity may not be.”

8. “I’m too out of shape to be seen in public yet.”

“You have to start sometime and waiting for the perfect moment usually never comes,” says Hoebel. You could wear baggier clothing if you’re feeling self-conscious, and try to find off-peak hours at the gym when fewer people are there. But remember: There’s a special place in hell for people who judge others when they’re trying to get in shape.

9.It’s that time of the month.”

We know that when you are feeling crampy, achy, bloated, moody and exhausted, working out may be the last thing you’re looking to do but trust us, it can help! Exercise improves your circulation and gets your digestion working which can help ease many of the symptoms you may be feeling. Similarly, exercise helps elevate your mood, helping you to feel less irritable and cranky. You don’t have to go hard, some light exercise or a yoga routine can do the trick. Next time you find yourself feeling this way, try these yoga moves  that are perfect for easing that  period pain.

10.I’m not in the mood

If you’re in a bad mood, a good workout can improve it—almost instantly. In a study conducted by the department of exercise science at the University of Georgia in Athens, researchers found that women with high levels of anxiety experienced marked relief after riding a stationary bike for 40 minutes. Many researchers attribute the exercise-induced mood lift to several biochemical changes in the body, including a rush of endorphins to areas of the brain that control emotion and behavior (a phenomenon called runner’s high).

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Top Fitness Inspiration Youtubers

Everybody need motivation to go trough hard day, check the most motivation youtube channels

5.3m subscribers

FitnessBlender is the number one most subscribed YouTube fitness channel and it is clear to see why. With over 5.3 million subscribers, Daniel and Kelli, a husband and wife duo, provide over 500 free workout videos ranging in difficulty and experience. FitnessBlender brings upbeat content to motivate people from all skill levels and get active on the internet!

2.Tone It Up

This channel was created by Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott and features hundreds of videos that cover everything from health tips and recipes to how-tos and specific workouts. You can learn how to work your whole body as well as specific areas like arms, abs, lower body, and more. This channel also offers HIIT, also known as high-intensity interval training workouts, for those who want a more rigorous workout from home. 

3.Nikki Blackketter

My favorite YouTuber. Funny, intelligent, real, well-spoken, creative and committed. Her content is always interesting and her uploads are consistent. Her smile when she greets subscribers with “Good morning sunshine!” will make you smile. She’s always engaging with her followers on YouTube and Twitter. Nikki’s YouTube channel with 595,226 subscribers is not all she’s got. She is a Gym Shark ambassador., launching her own line with the company which was sold out quickly. Besides fitness, Nikki is a nerd and a cat-mom. One of Nikki’s pet peeves? Being late. What she loves the most besides her cat, Max? Christmas.

2.8m subscribers

BeFiT comes in at number 2 with their high intensity and specific workouts. From abs to general fitness, BeFiT guides 2.8 million subscribers to a healthier lifestyle right from their home. BeFiT is a multi-member channel which allows them to have professional workouts in almost all exercises. BeFiT asks, “Are you ready to be FiT?” Well, are you?

5.Pop Sugar Fitness

One of the more popular channels is Pop Sugar Fitness. This channel offers full-length exercises that include everything from Pilates and Yoga to Tabata, cardio, and strength training. Hosted by trainer Anna Renderer, this channel promotes healthy living and stress-free lifestyles for optimal results. 

6.Whitney Simmons

By following one of Whitney’s workout routines. you will, for a fact, be sore the next day. Her favorite color is Blue. And do we have to talk about her dog Navy? She says the gym has helped her get over a really bad period in her life when she was in college. “This led me to a very downward spiral of sadness”, she explains on her channel. It was her dad that encouraged her to go to a gym which had personal training classes and she did. “This became so much more than a physical workout, it became an escape for me. This is the place I went to for my mental health…I consider the gym my therapy…it truly saved me”.

7.Scott Herman Fitness

Scott Herman’s fitness channel is focused on intense strength training and muscle gains. With 2 million subscribers, ScottHermanFitness is the number four most subscribed fitness YouTube channel. Scott focuses on fixing form for weightlifting and other weight lifting tips to maximize your workout. With his intense attitude and chiseled physique, Scott is a force to be reckoned with in the fitness world.

8.Live Sonima

This channel is perfect for those who love or want to get into Yoga exclusively. There are Yoga classes, breathing exercises, and meditation sessions. This channel also offers categories such as yoga for expectant mothers, workouts for people who work on their feet all day long, warm-up stretches for athletes, and much more. 

9.Robin Gallant

Robin’s videos are full of valuable fitness information. She has a killer fashion sense. Recently, Robin adopted a kitty named Maple. The Canadian beauty graduated from Dalhousie University with Bachelors of Science in Biochemistry and Engineering. However, Robin’s journey wasn’t an easy one. In her 4th year of university, the pressure to succeed was too much to bear. “I broke. I barely slept, I barely ate, I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t read/study, I couldn’t write a test without a debilitating panic attack…This was when I found fitness…I allowed myself to take time off school and learn how to eat healthily and get active to help manage my mental health”, said Robin in a moving Instagram post.

10.Kali Muscle
1.8m subscribers

Kali Muscle is a vigorous fitness channel for bodybuilding. An ex-convict from Compton, Kali Muscle fought his way back to success through fitness. He shares his experience, how he trained his mind and body, and the steps you should take to pursue massive muscle gains. His motivation and passion for weightlifting bring him in 1.8 million subscribers and its clear to see why!

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