Top 10 Best Yoga Matts

For every yoga lover, the matt is very important so what are the best of the best yoga matts

1.Best cushioned mat: Manduka PRO

Carbondale, Colorado-based yoga teacher Rod Stryker, founder of ParaYoga® and the author of The Four Desires: Creating a Life of Purpose, Happiness, Prosperity, and Freedom, says the best yoga mats he’s ever used seem to “disappear underfoot.”

“When I am on the Manduka PRO, it’s almost as if I am not using a yoga mat at all,” he says. “It doesn’t move, stretch, smell, or wear out like many other mats. This is my steady platform that I practice on daily.”

Bonus: This is one of the few mats to come with a lifetime guarantee.

2.The Liforme Yoga Mat

The Liforme Yoga Mat

Surface feel: Smooth
Thickness: 3/16” (4.2mm)
Weight: 5.5lbs
Length: 72.8″
Material: Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane
Made in: China
Last posted price: $140


This beautiful yoga mat is slightly thinner and lighter than many of its “Everyday Practice Mat” competitors, but it still manages to be incredibly durable and supportive enough for knees and other bony joints. It feels great under the body, stays grippy in wet or dry conditions and comes with helpful alignment markers to help keep you balanced and aligned.

Best of all, this mat is produced by a company with an eco, and human-friendly vision. Liforme cares about the company’s impact on the planet, and they have tackled the challenge of a sustainable, non-toxic yoga mat by diving into the research and doing their own independent study. The result is a mat made from low-odor, non-toxic, PVC-free material that is heat bonded without the use of any toxic adhesives and biodegrades in normal landfill conditions in 1-5 years! Liforme also sends the mat with a mat bag and uses no plastics in their packaging – just a cardboard box.


The three downsides to this mat are price, absorbancy and the mat bag (I know, it was in the Pros!). The Liforme Yoga Mat is one of the most expensive mats on the market. It repels dirt for the most part but is fairly absorbent, so you need to clean the mat frequently. And it appears that you are unable to order the mat without the bag, so those who already have one could feel like they’re paying for something they don’t want.

3. Lululemon Reversible 3mm Mat

“My favorite yoga mat is the Lululemon reversible 3mm. It’s cushy enough to provide real support, but also incredibly lightweight to take with you anywhere! I love the mat’s versatile material, which is crucial since I practice in both the studio and outdoors at Sweat Sessions. As a bonus, I love the color options because each side has its own hue, which allows for a little personality.”

—Lauren Danziger, Executive Director, Meatpacking BID 

4.Best grippy mat: Hugger Mugger Tapas Performance mat

A little bit of history: The Tapas Mat, which debuted in the late 1980s, was the first mat designed specifically for yoga—and as a result, it set the bar for durability, density, and grip. For yogis that came of age during this era, Hugger Mugger mats inspires a loyal following. To wit: Aadil Palkhivala, founder of Bellevue, Washington-based Purna yoga, says this is his favorite yoga mat.

“I like to use this mat because it is extremely sticky and extra-thick,” he says. “I have injured my body over the years; this mat provides the cushioning and support my body needs. It also allows my hands to sink in just enough so that I have more friction and less slip. Also, I find that when I hold Headstand for a while, this mat actually helps distribute pressure on the head.”

5.The 2nd Wind Health Sticky Yoga Mat

2nd Wind Health Stick Yoga Mat

Surface feel: Smooth
Thickness: 1/8” (4.2mm)
Weight: 5.5lbs
Length: 72.8″
Material: Natural rubber and eco-polyurethane
Made in: China
Last posted price: $110


This is a mat that values feel and functionality. The smooth surface provides the grip you need in both wet and dry conditions, while allowing for easy movement. Its weight keeps it anchored to the ground and the thickness and rubber provide decent padding under boney joints. The materials are eco-friendly and biodegradable, and the company plans to reduce all plastic packaging very soon.


The mat is fairly absorbent, which requires you to clean it quite frequently. It arrives with a faint rubber odor and is heavy enough that some yogis may want to consider a lighter mat, particularly if you plan to travel with it. Of course, price is a factor too. $110 is a lot for some folks.

6. Jade Yoga Fusion Mat


“It’s hard to pick a favorite yoga mat as there are several brands that I absolutely love, but Jade Yoga’s Fusion mat holds a special place in my heart. It’s thick enough to cushion my joints with an unparalleled grip and width. For a fat-bodied practitioner who likes a wide canvas for play, it’s the perfect choice.”

—Jessamyn Stanley, internationally recognized yoga teacher

7.Best mat for travelers: Jade Travel mat

If you don’t pack a yoga mat, chances are yoga won’t happen. Yet lugging your go-to mat with you wherever you go can be a hassle. Enter Jade’s Travel mat, which folds up as small as a pair of pants. This portability factor gives it a high score for Beryl Bender Birch, eRYT, who is considered the matriarch of vinyasa yoga.

“I love how it’s beautifully light and easy to pack, which makes it so that I can just throw it into an outside pocket of my suitcase wherever I travel and have it handy,” she says. Equally important to Birch is the company’s stellar environmental track record. “It is made from natural tree rubber, and has no PVC, toxic plasticizers, or harmful dyes. Plus, it’s 99 percent latex-free—all important to me as an environmental activist.”

8.B Mat Strong

B Mat Strong yoga mat

Surface feel: Textured

Thickness: 1/4” (6.0mm)

Weight: 5 lbs

Length: 71″

Material: Natural and man-made rubber

Made in: Spain

Last posted price: $94


The B Mat is made of 100% rubber (both natural and synthetic), without using harsh chemicals, finishes or sealants. It feels durable, is surprisingly light and has incredible grip in both wet and dry conditions. The surface is a pleasant texture, and the sturdy rubber provides great padding under knees and elbows. It also isn’t as heavy as other home practice mats with similar padding and durability. A solid all-around yoga mat, particularly if you are looking for a mat that has amazing grip, wet or dry, significant padding and isn’t too heavy.


The mat does arrive with an odor – it’s made with rubber after all – but I honestly expected the smell to be much stronger. The sticky surface tends to attract dirt, so you will need to dust or clean it quite frequently. And the mat is stiffer than most, so it takes a little more energy to roll it and keep it rolled.

9. Whirlwind Yoga Mat by Sugarmat


Anthropologie, $99

“Wellness by Anthropologie has a great selection of fitness items, including my current favorite, the Whirlwind Yoga Mat by Sugarmat. Designed in Montreal, the mats are both high-quality and fashionable thanks to the beautiful and unique designs. They are great for hot yoga classes since the suede top is absorbent and ultra-grippy even when it gets wet. It also feels really soft on your skin and it’s thick, which gives you that extra bit of support.”

—Lilly Huber, Assistant Beauty Buyer, Anthropologie and yoga instructor

10.Tranquil Yogi Oasis Yoga Mat

Oasis Essentials Rubber Yoga Mat from Tranquil Yogi

Surface feel: Smooth

Thickness: 1/4” (6.0mm)

Weight: 8 lbs

Length: 72″

Material: Rubber, calcium powder and vegetable oil

Made in: China

Last posted price: $100


This mat, from Tranquil Yogi, is pretty much tied for first with the B Mat in this price category – it’s just different, so it depends on what you want. The Oasis Essentials Mat is beautiful, feels great, provides exceptional grip under wet and dry conditions and has excellent padding. It has an impressive ingredient list, making it one of the most eco-friendly mats on the market. It delivers with a carrying strap and if you order from this page you receive 10% off.


The Oasis Essentials Mat is very heavy, so isn’t the best mat if you want to carry it around. It looks like you can’t purchase it without the carry strap and the mat arrives wrapped in plastic, which goes against the intention to be eco-friendly.

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