Top 10 Female Fitness Models

This is going to be too hot, so many beautiful fitness model. Every one of them work hard to get to the point where they are.

1.MICHELLE LEWIN – Venezuela (My favorite)

Probably the most famous girl on this list is Michelle Lewin. This bombshell has millions of Instagram followers and has even posed for Playboy. She has a PERFECT body. See more of her sexy figure @michelle_lewin_.

Michelle uses a split routine for her exercises, meaning different days in the week are for training different muscle groups. Monday is her back and biceps day, which includes exercises such as chin-ups, rows, T-bar rows, dumbbell curls, EZ bar curls and straight bar curls. Tuesday is her hamstrings and calves day, which includes exercises such as lying leg curls, seated leg curls, deadlifts, seated calf raises and standing calf raises.

2. Paige Hathaway

Paige Hathaway is a fitness cover model and entrepreneur who rose to prominence thanks to social media. She amassed an Instagram following of 4 million and more than 5.5 million likes on Facebook. She grew up in Minnesota and was physically active since she was a child. She wanted to pursue a career in athletics and fitness modeling.

Her life took a turn when she took part in a fitness show and ended up winning 2nd place.Paige starts her mornings with a bean burrito and avocado, or plant-protein smoothie (usually hemp protein). She eats a lot of carbohydrates, the good ones, like the sort found in rice, sweet potatoes, and oats. Vegetables are always on the menu, usually in the form of tossed salad. Fish is also a very important part of her diet as a source of protein. She is a pescetarian (someone who eats only fish or other seafood but not the meat of other animals).


Coming straight out of my last fantasy, this Russian hottie is a sight to behold. With a butt that is damn near perfect, and the face of a Hollywood actress, this lady is a MUST FOLLOW on Instagram @bilyalova_sveta



After documenting her fitness journey on Instagram while working front desk at a gym, Jen Selter quickly rose to fame and has established herself as one of the top fitness models. She has been featured on the cover of Women’s Health magazine numerous times, and has also launched a successful training program which has helped many of her followers achieve their fitness dreams. Having established her fitness empire as early as 2013, Jen is one of the O.G fitness models and is still growing more successful with each year.

Instagram: @jenselter

5.Eva Andressa

From a skinny teenager to a global fitness icon, Eva Andressa has paid the dues on her fitness journey. Eva Andressa’s unique figure has attracted huge admiration. Eva Andressa has worked hard to sculpt one of the greatest physiques in the fitness industry, inspiring millions to achieve their goals.

It is through fitness that Eva Andress has created a successful career, becoming a fitness model and Professional Bikini Athlete and online sensation. Eva is one of the most recognized fitness models around the globe. The fit girl has amassed a cult following in all her social media accounts.

6.ALICE MATOS – Brazil

Is this chick for real? Talk about a killer bod!This bodybuilding bombshell has a rare mix of total sexiness and complete femininity. How would you like to spot her on the squat rack? I know I would! But for now, check out her Insta @alicematoss.

7. Andreia Brazier

Andrea Brazier is another Brazilian fitness model who has won 4 consecutive WBFF titles. She started off as a model in Brazil and later decided to pursue a career in fitness. Turns out she had an even bigger success there. So far, she the most muscular of the girls on the list, you can be assured by the picture below. When she is not doing fitness, Brazier likes to spend her time with her family and two dogs,

Jimmy and Burr.Her workout schedule will make some men consider their masculinity. She works out 6 days a week with one day off. Her favorite motto is “Eat clean, Train dirty”. Brazier’s diet mainly consists of a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates, low fat, and high protein. Her best three tips for looking good are: eat clean, train hard and sleep well. Maybe you will get inspired by that.



Australian-based personal trainer, author and model- Kayla Itsines has been listed as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet by Time Magazine. Her series of fitness ‘Bikini Body Guide’ e-books have seen major success, as well as her workout app Sweat With Kayla which was the most financially successful fitness app of 2016.

Instagram: @kayla_itsines


Holy sh*t. This girl is hot. She is a former girlfriend of UFC fighter Travis Browne and is very comfortable with showing lots of skin. I don’t know why Travis cheated on her, but he made a HUGE mistake. Jenna, contact me if you want a real man who won’t cheat on you. Follow her Insta @jennareneefit.


Yanita Yancheva is a social media and fitness star from Bulgaria. She gained fame after making it to the final of a TV show in her home country.

After the show, Yanita used her exposure to inspire others to follow a healthy lifestyle. By 2017, she’d become an online sensation, being followed by fans around the world.

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