Top 10 Hardcore Workout Songs

These songs are nor for weak minted people! You have been warned.
This is my personal top 10 list, this songs are on my phone when i workout.

1.Tech n9ne – Straight out the gate

Artist: Tech N9ne Featured artists: Serj Tankian, Krizz Kaliko Album: Something Else Released: 2013 Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap

2. Avery watts – A cut above

Artist: Avery Watts Album: The Takeover Released: 2011 Genre: Rock

3. Shinedown – Cut the cord

Artist: Shinedown Album: Threat to Survival Released: 2015 Genre: Rock

4.Egypt central – White rabbit

Artist: Egypt Central Album: White Rabbit Released: 2011 Genre: Hard Rock

5.Cult To Follow – Murder Melody

Artist: Cult to Follow Album: Cult to Follow Released: 2008 Genre: Rock

6.THROUGH FIRE – Stronger

Artist: Through Fire Album: Breathe Released: 2016 Genres: Metal, Rock

7.Manafest – Impossible

Artist: Manafest Featured artist: Trevor McNevan Album: Glory Released: 2006 Genre: Rock

8.Hollywood Undead – Pain

Artist: Hollywood Undead Album: Swan Songs Released: 2008 Genres: Hard Rock, Rock

9.Skillet – “Not Gonna Die”

Artist: Skillet Album: Rise Released: 2013 Genres: Progressive metal, Contemporary Christian

10.Fivefold – Darker Side Of Me

Artist: Fivefold Album: Open Letter Released: 2015 Genre: Rock

If you like this list i will make second part, because i have too much good songs in my playlist. If you are looking for workout clothes check out our fitness and yoga leggings page.

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