Top 5 Tips For Losing Fat

Wow this is going to be very helpful, losing fat is something that 1/3 of world population is trying to accomplish.
Here are my 5 top tips for that

1.Cut the meals in half

No this does’t mean to stop eating. If you earlier eat 2 stakes, 3 potatoes and 4 pieces of bread, cut in half all that: 1 steak, 1,5 potatoes and 2 pieces of bread. This is the start, people like to overeat that makes us happy.

2.Add cardio activiti

Add cardio something like bike, running, hiking or something else.
This is going to speed up your metabolism. Start 15-20 min and add 5 min every week. But don’t do more than 50 min -1 hour. 3-4 times peer week.

3.Eat more protein

This doesn’t meat to buy protein powder, just add more egg whites, chicken, cottage cheese and others. In the same time cut sugar and carbs in half.
Eat more vegetables and fruits (fruits only in the firs half of the day and before or separate from main meals).

4.Hit the gym

It’s not necessary to be classic gym, cross fit, bars (not the drink bars) are ok too,
The more muscle you put, more calories will you body burn to sustain this muscles. Lady’s don’t be afraid you wont look like bodybuilding champion.

5.STOP eating garbage

Stop eating garbage food, don’t be slave of you’r mind. You can allow your self some empty calories food 1-2 times of the week but again don’t eat 2000 calories in one meal. You are what you eat! Most people think @i train so i can eat what the fu**i want) yes you can, but that way never is going to be progress, and you will be fat to the last day!

I hope this is going to help you. I was struggling many ears to loose weight, till one day i look in the mirror and there was one fat ugly men. Start today don’t wait for Monday. If you’r looking for some sport clothes check out our Fitness and Yoga page.

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