Top 10 Fitness Alternatives To Get in Shape

If you hate the gym but want to get in shape this article is for you.

1.Go For a Swim

If you don’t like the gym due to your distaste for humanity, you may not like swimming in a public pool much, either.

But if you don’t have access to a private pool and don’t mind the prospect of getting elbowed by teens doing water tricks, going for a half-hour swim a few days a week will burn 207 calories a pop, as well as tone and strengthen your muscles and give you the opportunity to 

Water is twelve times denser than air, which means that propelling yourself through it provides consistent resistance, safely working your muscles to strengthen and tone them. Swimming has also been shown to increase bone strength in post-menopausal women, making this workout great for helping to prevent osteoporosis.

After your swim, do some yoga positions while you’re still in the pool. The water helps support your weight as you master positions that require good balance, such as Eagle, Tree, King Dancer and Warrior III poses.Shop Fitness ProductsSports & Fitness

2. Look Silly, Feel Great

If you’re not self-conscious about exercising, Kangoo Jump shoes will spice up your typical workout. The funny-looking shoes actually add gravitational force to your body — they double the resistance of your aerobics while wearing them. Originally designed as a way to relieve the stress on runners’ joints, they reduce joint stress while still making you work up a sweat.

3.Outdoor fitness

Ideal for anyone who hates to exercise alone, these outdoor bootcamps and fitness are group focussed, with emphasis on cardio and resistance exercises to target all of the major muscle groups. They strive to make the sessions fun and varied (and suitable for all abilities), and there are held at a range of locations around Leeds, including Kirkstall Abbey, Temple Newsam and Roundhay Park.

4.Hula Hoop

Hula hoops are cheap and fun, and hooping is an enjoyable workout for your whole body.

Better yet, just 30 minutes of hooping burns 216 calories.

And if you’re up for a challenge, you can learn all sorts of neat tricks to entertain party guests.

Start with the classic hula hoop move. Put the hoop around your waist, start it rotating with your hands, then let your hips do the work.

Move your hips from side to side as if you’re doing The Bump. Do this move as long as you can, starting the hoop up again as soon as you mess up.

Next, stand with your feet staggered, one slightly in front of the other. Start the hoop and keep it going by rocking back and forth on your feet, thrusting your pelvis out and back, out and back. Keep your abs engaged while you move. Again, do this move for as long as you can, and start the hoop right back up if you lose momentum.

5. Bounce To A New You

If you thought you outgrew trampolines, think again. Mini-trampolines — known as rebounders– are taking fitness by a storm. Trampolines provide an intensive workout that you can do at home or in the gym. They’re a fun way to get your cardio in without it feeling like a chore. Keeping steady while busting a move will tighten your abs and improve leg power and strength — without increasing pressure on your joints.

6.Aerial Yoga

This unique approach to traditional yoga uses low hanging fabrics to support the weight of the body through a variety of postures, relieving pressure on the joints and offering much deeper stretches to improve both strength and flexibility.

7.Perform Intervals

If you enjoy jogging, you can get a much more effective workout by doing intervals.

Instead of going for a half-hour jog, which burns 238 calories, interval training will bump up your calorie burn to 356 calories in just 32 minutes.

Warm up with a moderately fast walk for five minutes, and then start your intervals.

The first interval is a one-minute all-out run that should make you feel like you’re going to die, followed by a two-minute slow jog that feels like heaven and gives you a chance to catch your breath. Repeat the interval seven times, and then walk to cool down for three minutes.

8. Dance Yourself Thin

Whether you’re the first one on the dance floor or an uncoordinated wallflower, salsa dancing has something to offer. The seductive dance is cardio-heavy, and an hour of dancing will torch around 600 calories. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll get. And if you’ve been looking for something to do with your partner, it’s a great workout for couples — or, if you’re single, to find a new partner.

9. British Military Fitness

It may sound intimidating but these military fitness classes are designed to cater for all abilities. Held at various parks around Leeds, the sessions incorporate cardio, strength and teamwork activities, and are run by serving or former members of the armed forces who will help to keep you motivated and on track.

10.Run Stairs

For some, running up and down stairs is nothing short of torture.

For others, the delicious burn in the glutes and legs is a sure sign that a slimmer body and toned muscles are right around the corner.

If you enjoy the challenge of running stairs, you can burn a whopping 422 calories in a half hour, as well as tone the heck out of your butt.

You can run stairs anywhere: The local stadium, the park, your office building and the steps that lead to the courthouse are all fair game.

Proper technique is extremely important when you’re running up and down stairs in order to protect your knees and joints from pain and injury.

Push off from your toes rather than your heels, and keep your movements controlled to avoid falling. Pump your arms to help propel you and maintain good balance.

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