The Most Extreme Weight Loss Methods Revealed

Everybody want to loose weight fast, but sometimes people get very dangerous idea and methods to do that. Here are my top 10 most extreme weight loss methods. DON’T TRY IT!

1.Stomach balloon

This one sounds very uncomfortable… Presented as an alternative to surgery, for those struggling to lose weight you can now have a tiny balloon inserted into your stomach to help with portion control.

The balloon only takes 30 minutes to be inserted in the person’s stomach, and it’s inflated with saline once it’s in place.
The device, called Orbera, was designed for people considered morbidly obese, with a body mass index of 30 to 40, who have failed to lose weight with other diets and exercise. It lasts for six months so manufacturers promise rapid weight loss. But we’re not sure how a balloon in our tummy sounds…
Extreme factor: 9/10

2.Tapeworm tablets

Not fond of exercise and healthy food? No worries, simply ingest a parasite to help you lose weight. At the beginning of the 1900s, tablets containing tapeworm eggs were marketed to help people lose weight. These eggs reportedly hatched in your system and stole your nutrients, causing weight loss. It wasn’t known whether these tablets really contained tapeworm eggs, but the idea itself is pretty extreme.

3.Cotton ball diet

This includes eating (you read that right), literally eating cotton balls. 

Ever thought, something used to clean makeup can also clean body fat? Apparently, few people actually make use of cotton balls to get rid of their extra kilos. The recipe to this crazy diet is, chewing one plate of cotton balls dipped in your favourite fruit juice for a week till your body gets deprived of all the basic nutrients. 

4.Paintball Fitness

Finally, it’s an unusual weight loss idea that sounds much of fun than horrifying.  Paintball fitness is an intense exercise that boosts your body’s metabolic rates and burn loads of calories. As a result, this helps you lose weight much faster and reduce the risk of blood pressure, depression and heart diseases.

It involves running an assault course while trying to dodge paintballs shot at you. There are usually three to four shooters put in place to ensure the attack is near constant to keep you always on the move. All hiding spots like oil drums, felled trees, tyre walls and huts are removed to expose you and encourage you to continue running.

Participating in this fitness program has been found to help you burn about 1000 calories and lose lots of weight within a very short period. Though paintball is considered to have several potential risks, it is a fun exercise enjoyed by people of all ages.  Generally, the dangers of paintball don’t compare to those of starvation or surgical weight loss methods. The worst you can experience is a few bruises which will motivate you to run faster next time!

5.Freeze-Dried Poop Pills

Yes, unfortunately you read that right… freeze-dried poop pills are being tested to treat obesity, and it’s got us worrying that this will become a new weight loss trend in the near future.

Apparently they’re trialling it in Massachusetts to see if feces from lean and healthy people can have an impact on insulin sensitivity and body weight, with 21 obese participants taking the tablets for six weeks.

And although the leader of the study told People magazine that the capsules are ‘odorless, tasteless, double-encapsulated’, and that the screening process for donors is more rigorous than for blood donation, it’s still someone else’s poop! We wouldn’t even do it if it was our own…

Thanks, but no thanks.
Extreme factor: 10/10

6.The vinegar diet

Lord Byron wasn’t only famous for his poems and politics, but also for popularising the vinegar diet in the 1820s. The idea is simple – drink plenty of vinegar, paired with one cup of tea and a raw egg. This combination made you vomit, causing you to lose your appetite, and weight. The legacy lives on in the claim that apple cider vinegar can make you lose weight.

Why it’s dangerous: Drinking large quantities of vinegar could potentially cause a potassium imbalance, irritation of the stomach lining, as well as the erosion of tooth enamel. 

7.The ketogenic enteral nutrition diet

This diet restricts on any kind of food intake from the mouth for 10 days. 

This is the ‘baap‘ of all other diets. People who practice KEN diet aren’t allowed to eat or drink anything for a span of 10 days, they even have to get a pipe inserted through their nose for the supply of basic nutrients.

8.The Tongue Patch

The latest piece of weight-loss craze is the tongue patch method. This barbaric method is new in the medical procedures and involves having a small piece of marlexmesh stitched onto your tongue, which in turn makes eating solid foods unbearably painful. Because of the painful experience when eating solid foods, you are forced to stick to a low calorie liquid diet developed by surgeon Chugay. While you would balk at the notion, more than a hundred people have already received the procedure and realized remarkable reduction in weight.

The procedure is said to only take approximately ten minutes to complete, but the patch will remain on your tongue for almost month before it’s removed. If not removed within this period, the tissue of the tongue can begin to grow above the patch and include into your tongue itself. Though it’s a proven weight loss method, it’s much easier and more pleasant to just put a halt into eating solid foods.

9.The Diet Choker

Ok so it’s not quite as terrifying as we’d first thought (no, it doesn’t actually choke you if you eat too much!). This contraption sits around your neck and by monitoring vibrations in your throat with a clever sensor, it can send an alert to you phone which buzzes if you go over your daily, or even the wrong kind of food. The WearSens, a metal ring developed by engineers in LA, has been tested on 30 people so far who all say it does work.

While it’s undoubtedly smart, we’re not sure it looks at all comfortable, plus our other half and kids might be alarmed if we started walking around with this around our neck!
Extreme factor: 9/10

10.The Macrobiotic Diet

The macrobiotic diet emphasizes on whole grains – these should supposedly comprise of up to 60% of all meals. Raw vegetables should make up the rest portion of the meals. Basically, the list of what you may ingest is usually way shorter than that of what you may not ingest. Choosing this weight loss method means you give up any cravings of everything and anything tasty or fun, case in point:

  • Processed foods,
  • dairy products
  • sugar
  • eggs
  • poultry products
  • meat
  • and alcohol. 

LOL That is just dangerous, hope you wont try any of these. If you’r looking for workout clothes check out our fitness and yoga leggings page.

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